Monday, May 17, 2010

Fancy Puerto Galera Accessories

We just arrived from our overnight  stay in Puerto Galera. The trip took  good 4-5 hours  Makati to Batangas Pier and then, finally White Beach place. After a deprived sleep of only 2 hours before the 3 am trip, the entire travel was all dizzying and distressing. I enjoyed though the nice scenery but  the tidal waves did not help much.  We brought the tent with us thinking we could camp out just to save extra bucks.  

The place recently forbidden tent camping, so, we ended up taking a family room.  The brunch however was satisfying and quite the unexpected costs. But, while waiting for our orders, some good old ladies sold  us some fancy Puerto Galera anklets. So, we had few pieces for our loved ones left at home.

The trip was worth it though because we had great time snorkeling, underwater cave swim, and great dining.   But, the trip was more fun because I was with my siblings and my kid. That was one fun  and exciting day with loved ones.