Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fashion Accessories for Gifts

We will soon be leaving on Monday to head home and as we do our last - day trips to mall, I have to start buying freebies or "pasalubong" for my loved ones. Perhaps fashion or cellphone accessories, books, body care or personalized gifts  will do the works.

It has been common in Filipino culture to buy gifts whenever we are on travel that is to show that we remember them even if we are miles away from home or office. But, this pretty means we have to set a reasonable budget to include everyone in the family. hahahhaahh! What an expensive way of remembering.  Perhaps, if I run short of budget, candies will be enough. Hahahah!

Now, that our ice chest had served its purpose, I just dont know, how we can  carry it without too much inconvenience. Perhaps, we can use it to hold our home pasalubongs or freebies. I just hope they are going to meet us in the airport or else I will consume the gifts  instead. LOL!