Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fashion Boutique Networking

The thing with having a boutique is you have to keep your stocks updated to the latest trends and keep in touch with your clients. I guess all these apply to any business for it to flourish well. With economic recession still persisting, having a business seems suicide but as an owner, you can only think of ways how to get it on the right track and thrive successfully. For one, I have to consider my niche. Who am I serving? What are their needs? How is the competition? and everything else? Sigh, I am in for a big jigsaw puzzle.

But, it somehow helps when you can have mentors to help you through. I can only rely to my family's wisdom and some resources online.

In a quite stressful career, teaching and business, I can only seek recreational ways to detoxify my stressed physique and brain. My interests include movie marathons, blogs and books. So, I guess, they can be enough.

Others would go for drinking, smoking on local butts or classy partagas , partying, and spa services.

It pays off when you are workaholic but when you fail to relax and divert your bad energies, you may only create havoc to your workplace and home. The managers and VIP positions may mean monstrous salaries and considerable authority, but, bigger responsibilities are also associated with their positions.

Thus, as a store manager, I can only get all stressed up and I need life in between to recharge or else I'll end up dead on my desk.