Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fashion Hunt

Since we have been away for business and pleasures, we don't fail to use our days in malls, window shopping and dining.  And, since we see new store names, we can only check their stuffs. My kid on the other hand enjoys his fun recreational games. I am only happy to fill his enthusiasm. 

As I do my window shopping, I get to see nice fashion apparel and accessories that I wish to buy for personal and business use. And since, we bring our camera with us every day, we can only get pictures to show off once we get home.

I wish to buy a digital frame  so that we can have all the nice pictures flashed visually instead of just keeping them between album flops. 

With photo printing costs, I can save more if hundreds of the pictures are kept in a storage card with a lcd frame. hahhahhaha!