Monday, May 24, 2010

Fashion Hunt

I was illiterate with fashion style before, geez, my closet was only made of three (3) colors: blue, brown and black. And, while everyone was partying, I dozed in books and movies alone. What  fun old - school days, huh.

But, when personality is quite linked to confidence, I somehow made a 360 - degree turn. If I detested red  and other colors before, now, I swarm my closet with all sorts of colors with complementing bags and shoes.

Further, if I chose not to draw attention before, this time, I love praises and stares and they really feel good.

So, it helps when you have people and online resources to help you pick the right colors, right style and right taste to highlight your assets and hide your flaws. Getting netbooks was indeed a big help to me especially now that I have a boutique to attend to.  I have to pick the right ones for my clients and help them get that confident looks and feel.

If you want an improved self - confidence, it starts with looking good first.