Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just Hating My New Hairstyle

When I was in college, I used to wear my hair short  and had my fashion style centuries old. hahhahah! But, somehow I was comfortable with the way I looked at that time, on short hair, loose shirts and pants and rubber shoes.  Although, it was not at all an appealing sight for others. But, I simply did not pay attention since I was all concerned with how I should do well in my academics. 

However, when I got married and tried all sorts of life's spices, I did a 360-degree U-turn with how I look and how I perceive myself making me more confident.

And, with that ardent interest in Korean actresses, I had my hair  cut a little shorter and had put  on some bangs, and though, I looked a little younger, I feel ridiculous. ahhahaahhah!

Never again that I shall try to be somebody just to look good. I guess that means just being comfortable with old self and more. hahahhaha! I cant wait to  see my hair longer again.