Friday, May 21, 2010

Needing Boutique’s Paper Bags

One of the essentials for boutique is to have a classy tags and bags to boost. We decided that we will be making the tags ourselves but we shall need resources to have the customized bags done. The capital is getting drained and I only hope it will be enough to keep the boutique going until it is formally in place inside a mall.

Perhaps, when things get better, I can consider having the bags customized. For the meantime, I have to prioritize rent and construction essentials above all.

I wish those who have credits with us will start paying. I have my own credits too and as soon as I collect my earnings, they shall head directly to the seed money for construction.

I hope we can find inexpensive bags, plastic or paper ones, to complete the essentials of our boutique. I can only remain hopeful.