Friday, May 21, 2010

Needing School Classy Clothes

The thing with teaching is one has to wear very conservative attire. As much possible, no skinny pants or skirts and no chest – showing tops. But, I am done with old styles for a teacher, so, my closet is filled with colorful blouses and pants complemented with different sorts of bags.

But, I only have a few new ones from my closet and I have to replace the worn out clothes with new ones. I only wish I have enough resources to buy even polo shirts and comfy slacks.

I guess buying from our store will be much better. Hahahhahah! I only have to search for cheeky blouses that are nice to look at but conservative to meet the picky eyes of the administrators. Yikes!

In few weeks’ time, I shall be busy again with lecture notes, books and class records among many things. But, having two subjects will be enough to keep me busy as a teacher.