Saturday, May 8, 2010

Packing Light Clothes Only

We will be traveling tomorrow to see my younger siblings in another city. My kid is simply too excited since it will be his first time to travel that far. But, he is more excited to see the oceanic park and zoos. Hahhahah!

However, it leaves me a problem of how I pack our stuffs without causing much burden. I don't want to really suffer from body aches due to heavy luggages. 

Thus, I decided to just bring the most essential and carry light clothes only. The one (1) week travel only constitutes home stays and occasional trip, so, perhaps few clothes will do.  Just in case we will be needing for more, we can just head to the stores for cheap ones. hahhahha!

I just don't know how I can possibly pack the tent with everything else. Sigh!