Monday, May 17, 2010

Pet Apparel

When we had our own hybrid dogs, we simply keep them outside of the house although we tried to keep them indoor but they simply made a chaos out of the things. Hahahah! I guess we were really not that good master-trainers.

We are more of dog – lovers than other animals. I personally detest reptiles and rodents regardless whether they are harmless or not. My kid however, adore anything that he can consider as pet. The last pets we had were tortoises that after a month, they were declared dead. Sigh!!!! Must be the water.

However, when we visited our sibling’s home, she had a pair of chow chow one year old dog. Because of their quite big size, we can’t even carry them. So, in as much as we want to cuddle them and sport them with latest pet apparel, there are simply no RTW – apparel for them.

Dressed – up dogs are simply amazing and adorable. Should I get to have my own dog, I shall however pick for a smaller size that can fit into my shoulder bag. Hahahhahah!