Sunday, May 16, 2010

Runaway Swimwear

We spent two days in Puerto Gallera and since it was a last - minute decision,  I ended up having no swimwear at  all. 

I only packed all the basic essentials including my laptop as I still have delayed works that I have to accomplish. Thus, I ended up only on shorts and t-shirts while the rest were boosting their 2 - piece attire. What a vacation?!!!

But, after a long travel and a short rest, we hit the area and did some area inspections and had great time snorkeling and swimming. 

At least, my kid and siblings had great time too.  We will sure visit this wonderful tourist spot soon. But,  I am planning to start preparing a year earlier for my next trip and that includes looking for a swimwear to stash into my travel bag right away. hahahhahah!