Friday, May 21, 2010

Strolling Bathing Suits Banned

I found this article about world's strangest laws and one striking law is the one imposed in Grenada where tourists walking off the beach in their swimsuits and even too low pants are actually banned. Geez! On a beachside, that's really pretty strange!

You were supposed to be fined $270 but the tourist board assures the public that this was not really realized. WHew!!!

How I really wish I had my own piece of swimsuit since the last trip we had in Puerto Galera, I only had to sport on shorts and tee - shirts. hahahahahh!

My prior joggings did not fully remove the belly lumps I have and they can really be depressing to show off. Diet and exercise are really very difficult to start and sustain. And, knowing that there are fast remedies like Lipovox can be indeed heaven - sent.

I wish after all my weight - loss efforts, I can find a very appealing swimsuit to show off the next time we head the beach again.