Sunday, May 16, 2010

Travel Fashion Disaster

The thing with travel is that you just have to pack lightly. And since we have been away for a week only, I can only carry a few things. Somehow, I have to use my younger sisters' stuffs just to mix and match with my daily outfit. hahahhahahh!

We used to meet our other sibling in another mall just after her office works. But since I wanted to be as comfortable as possible I used only flip flops and not - too - fancy shirt and pants. Tagging a little kid did not do much help too. hahhahahha!

But, what made the travel a little stressful was the fact that I had squeeze my writing works in between mall wandering and sleeps. Now, I could only be contented with my very plain attire and some sleeps-deprived facial features.

When stress can really get into the nerves of most people, it is only typical that facial lesions like chin acne can be visible but treatments are there to treat these minor problems.

Since we are heading home, I only wish my normal routine comes back too.