Friday, May 21, 2010

Urban Fashion for Us

my family with a cousin from the big city

My pop is hailed from Luzon, however, because of his old works as a naval soldier, he had to travel a lot leading him to meet my mom. We basically grow up in Mindanao and until now, we still are.

We somehow managed to visit his relatives whenever we can. But, early this year, his niece was given the chance to visit Gensan on a business purpose. She was the only relative who had the chance to step foot Mindanao.

Thus, we tagged everyone else including the kids. I got this picture and assessed if we are far dressed different in a rural city from a highly urbanized one. I guess, we are not. hahahhaha!

Glad to see her again. My pop and the rest of the family would want to have our other relatives visit us. But, I guess in due time when we all have resources to invite everyone else. hahahha!