Friday, May 21, 2010

The World's Fanciest and Strangest Stadiums

Stadiums are defined as large, usually open structures for sports events with tiered seating for spectators.

And, I was quite amazed to have found strangest and fanciest stadiums worldwide. The picture below is the Munich Olympic Park in Munich, Germany. It is the only one that have held Olympics, the World Cup Final and the European soccer championships final. Frei Otto, architect and structural engineer 's design of the Munich Olympic Park, has contributed significantly in tensile architecture.

panorama of Munich Olympic Park
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If you have a great space for landscape, you can only be creative as to how you want this space maximized. And, if resources are unlimited, you can even be more and more creative.

If I want to maximize the garden space of our lots, I would have placed a pond and fill it with fishes and water plants. The water is believed to give a soothing effect and having a pond in the middle of my garden can be heavenly.

But, I don't want to house it with water pests and dirt. I heard there is a pond skimmer that can be used to clean ponds and hide their pumps.

With space, water, and great landscape, staying at home can be more than just fun.