Thursday, July 29, 2010

Effects of Overweight and Underweight

Media hype on print and non-print about definition of real beauty is quite misleading.  It somehow illustrates that beauty is only defined if we are all bone and skin and are flawless physically. With this message sent across, it is not unusual that most people would want to anything and everything to lose weight. 

However, this media hype is not just about beauty because overweight and underweight  also has implications on our health where  experts and doctors say that extreme weight condition can lead to infertility,  heart risks, diabetes, and degraded self esteem among others. 

Thus, a healthy exercise and diet including safe and effective pills or programs from   can indeed help you lose and gain weight fast.

Further, experts say that healthy lifestyle and normal weight conditions lessen your tendency to be stressful and this is quite imperative as you hurdle through your works, relationships and health. 

So, go hit that gym or revolutionize your eating habits, and be fit and fab!

My Top Vanity: Shoes myspace graphic comments
Myspace Fashion Graphics

My mom quite complained of the number of shoes we keep at home and since we are all for girls in the family, just imagine the number of footwear on the rack and everywhere else.

But, in spite of her complaint, I cant simply forego my vanity along with my obsession for bags. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

But, vain or not, shoes are my life. hahahhahah!!

What Your Handbag Says About You

What Your Handbag Says About You

You are concerned with how you appear. Projecting your high status is important to you.

You tend to be relaxed throughout the day. You are naturally at peace.

You tend to be on high alert. You are very aware of your surroundings.

You are a low maintenance person. You can adapt to a variety of situations.

You are a high maintenance person. You feel lost outside of your normal environment.

You are open and comfortable with who you are. You don't hide anything.

You are practical and down to earth. You tend to be a rather reserved and quiet person.

You are an outgoing and expressive person. You always speak your mind, and you're very approachable.

Looking for Makeup Kits

My store would want to provide makeup kits to complement our other products and I quite remember well that our other customers look for beauty products that are dedicated to facial care and attention. So, I am indeed looking for stuffs that I can display in our boutique and consignment basis can only be a better option at this bad economy.

Women find makeup kits as part of their essentials and we simply want to have that Hollywood face but facial flaws like pimples, warts, acne among others are simply a big disappointment. And makeup kits to conceal the flaws can be heavenly but prompt treatment especially acne medications should be exercised, so, not to prolong our agony.

I somehow dug up where and when makeup ever hailed and I am not surprised that Egypt indeed had historical records on facial aesthetics as early as first dynasty of Egypt, around c.3100-2907 where they used antimony for eye makeup and unguent as moisturizer and sunblock. Cool!

So, perhaps, I should check with my highschool friend and follow-up with her makeup kits very soon.

Sale! Sale! Shoes Anyone?!

Sales is most of the time bleak and this is not simply the sentiment of one store but more than a good number. And, with that, we can only think of various means to make sure that sales is made.

We have this photo of a mall placing all their shoes on sale from high-end to mediocre shoes and we were only among the ones who checked the stuffs.

In this hard time, getting stuffs on has its own advantage too.

How to Recycle Beads and Button for Beauty

our own handcrafts from sea glasses, beads, and miscut stones

Normally, we get loose button, ribbons or bead that we simply itch to throw to the nearest bin, however, if we just have a little time, we can create grand handcrafts from all these little buggers.

Normally, we make earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and they don't have to come from a book; any free form simply fits us well.

So, the next time you see loose buttons or beads wandering around your place, gather all them up because you too can even make beautiful handicrafts including scrapbooks, cards or simply freebies for your loved ones and I am quite sure, they will appreciate your thoughts more.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Youth's Fashion Fad

supra shoes 

photo source:

Our boutique only sells typical apparel for teenager and adult but when it comes to punky fashion, we are quite bleak. However, the store is also filled with casual and party teenager gowns and accessories, shirts, pants and shoes along with perfumes and  bags.

However, one of the most seen among the young ones is their pair of colorful supra footwear that indeed are punky and stylish.  They blend well with the rugged jeans, loose shirts, coat, and cap with wrist bands to top it all.

One thing about dressing up the young ones is that they are never afraid to revolutionize their fashion taste, lifestyle and health habits including acne treatment  for improved personality and that is something adults can consider. 

Perhaps, if we can go on shopping again, I shall consider buying stuffs for the punky and innovative youngsters.


Boutique's Reinvention

Almost all mall stall owners complain of bleak sales since the other month and as with the new stall, we are no exempted from this issue. Thus, we have to find means to encourage sales even in small but on regular degree. We are quite considering making few of our stocks into retail. 

I would only hope that our new marketing will really bring results as expected. 

Mall Trade Exhibit for USWAG Sarangani

I am only happier that I see my former work live in action as they hold their Business Month celebration in Gaisano Mall. This is far from their usual practices of having their trade exhibits only within the confines of Alabel Capitol.

So, I get to see my colleague, my officemates from DTI - Sarangani, and former boss and I can only be proud to show off my new store just one level higher from their exhibit area.

The USWAG Sarangani with meaning of “move forward Sarangani” has several business activities that are displaced in different towns across the province.

Sarangani is rich with beautiful sceneries, generous and welcoming people and vibrant culture. We can only be hopeful that deep-seated progress can be seen and felt by everyone.

Why You Should be on Your Shoes and Exercise

It has been raining here in the Philippines and as expected, we can’t do much when the downfall hits the day. So, I missed my exercise regimen for two weeks now that I quite feel drained, stressed and big. 

Don’t you know that most of the illnesses today are attributed to poor lifestyles like diabetes, cancer and heart strokes? Thus, doctors and experts say that we should lead a healthy life and that includes having regular exercise habits, healthy diet and better lifestyle to protect us better.

Further, when one has bigger weight or has personality flaws like acne among others, his self – esteem is also degraded. Thus, we should make sure that we take care of ourselves by having healthy habits, health and weight programs and treatments and by considering reviews of various habits and medications including   for healthier life. 

I shall soon go back on my running shoes again once I am settled with the store’s operation and the weather improves. Health must be one of our priorities.

just waiting to close  the store with our half-body display stand

showing off a pink sequin long dress

We have our pair of mannequins but they still need repair since they acquired traumatic injuries when several earthquakes hit our city.

For now, we can only make use of our half-body display stand and we regularly change it every week to show off some of our elegant stocks.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bleak Sales


This has been our anxiety when we opted to start with our boutique’s operations situated at the mall; we had our acquaintances operating inside the mall but they have the same sentiments that since June, sales has been quite bleak. One of our friends has to give up her business because the sales could not make up for the monthly operational costs.

We are just starting, so, I remain hopeful that sales could improve in the coming days. For one, I have to really look for stocks that somehow serve the ailing public. Sigh!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boutique: My Weight Burner

I used to jog on weekdays and do taebo on weekends but with teaching works, newly - opened boutique, and blogging, I can't have anymore time to do my exercise regimen.  I simply have to make use of my vacant time to prepare for my lessons, do my business control and planning or write my blog posts.  I simply have no time left to do my running again.

My case is no exclusive; there are in fact a number of individuals who are overweight and would rather use other weight loss programs including cosmetic surgeries or  diet pills. Irregardless  of the means, it is more important that we get the needed results with no adverse effects. Thus, it is essential that we read reviews on these weight loss interventions including  hydroxycut side effects   for better choices.

I wish to go back to jogging because it relieves me of my daily stress, however, the constant rain makes it more impossible. For now, I can only contain my appetite and just make use of my time well to attend to other business and school works. 

Our Boutique's Personalized Service

personally attending to clients

Just like how we did our service to our clients in our old store, we try to create a more friendly relationship with our clients. And, if we see that their choice of clothing does not fit them well, we admit this with all sincerity even if it means not having a sale. 

However, we are not afraid to lose them because eventually, they shall see us again and make regular sales in the future or recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. Personalized services don't cost a thing, only grateful clients. 

The Little Black Dress Test

Your Little Black Dress Says You're Quirky

You are lively and outgoing. You are naturally friendly.

You enjoy meeting new people and making new connections.

Your style is whimsical and unique. You're good at putting together interesting outfits.

If you were a shoe, you would be: High heeled boots

Wanted: Boutique's Tech

We are now one (1) week old with boutique situated in Gaisano Mall, Gensan, Philippines. This has been our long dream and finally, we have it realized. But, since we are still starting, we have to still attend to our business permit among others.

We mostly sell high - end stuffs and with associated costs, we can only offer lay-away plan and credit card payments. However, the swiper machine requires us to have our business papers, so, this stalls us a little until things are settled. 

We also need a new printer / copier with its 108R00723 , and our desktop computer for our sales system.  

A business can only function more efficiently through technology; and as a techie myself,  I can only prefer the use of machines for greater productivity. 

Aleera Montalla for Kreativ Boutique

Aleera in our Counter Area

Our Kreativ Boutique pics of

Aleera Montalla - Model/Actress

My sister, Tammy, happens to be a friend of Aleera Montalla, and without much coaxing, Aleera gave her go signal to use her pictures in our humble store and we can only be happier that she approved and that people get to notice our store.

Aleera's films include Project Fear (2010), Tarot (2009), Affliction(2008), and Casket for Hire (2007). With her stunning beauty, she is a personal fave in renowned ramp modeling. 

Indeed this lady is filled with inner beauty on top of everything. Thanks again Aleera.  You too can join her in her Facebook page. 

How to Care of Your Precious Bags

We sell   bags among our other store stuffs and normally, they get more sold much faster than our clothing apparel. I personally have my own vanity on bags and keeping them all stacked in my room that they are likely to gather dust or molds. 

But, here  are the basic tips to make sure that your bags last longer than they should be:

1. Don't keep your bags covered with plastic as this constrict your bags' breathing; use instead a cloth bag;

2. Bring them out in an open space for air;

3. Lightly brush, iron (if needed) with the right temperature and through a paper or another cloth to protect your bag;

4. Don't use strong chemicals; a regular brushing will suffice;

5. Go for natural drying should your bag gets wet;

6. Pick out the right care depending on your bag's materials like leather, canvas, polyester, nylon and alike. 

How to Be Safe and Fashion Trendy

It is almost essential for most women to bring our bags to stuff basic essentials to include beauty stuffs, moisturizer, pen, book, sanitizer among other things. Personally, I have to bring a big bag, so, I can practically bring all my stuffs along with my teaching books and papers. 

I am not a 100% compulsive organizer, but, I quite commend anyone who can stuff their bags even first aid meds,  extra lingerie, oral care and few foods to top it all.  Others may say this is an over preparation, but for the wiser, I call it  proactive protection just like  health insurance in nc   that can help you with your health needs.

It may be awkward to bring big bags but I would not want it otherwise because I like to wander around with ease and comfort should I need anything from my bag. 

What Toe Are You?

You Are The Big Toe

You are a big and bold person. You tell it like it is.

Your emotions get the best of you, and you have no trouble saying how you feel.

Self-expression is important to you. You have to be yourself no matter what.

Your days have a lot of ups and downs, but you wouldn't change them for the world.

Long Days in our Boutique

Our store is already a week old and somehow people get to notice it. We changed the apparel on display earlier for the new week and to at least give an aura of new arrivals. Since, mostly of our customers were acquaintances and friends, we quite need more aggressive marketing to promote it. 

But, we need to have stuffs that are geared towards the middle class  since most of our stocks are for the elite, we rarely make a sale. Thus, I wish we have enough resources to get stuffs for the general public without really compromising our other displays. 

I have to however spend the entire week coding stocks, preparing other items, and doing my teaching duties in between. Sigh! I quite need a back rub. hahahhah! I only hope that sales indeed will pick up very soon. 

Fashion Tips on Personality Boost

Personality is subjective, distinct and disastrous as it affects how self - esteem must be exercised. If you are not confident with yourself, then, your personality illustrates this intrinsic mood.  A media hype on  how beauty is defined by lanky models and  elegant wardrobes does not at all contribute to being confident. 

However, what separates you and a model from having a great personality is the personal motivation to improve your physical appearance and this may mean losing the extra weight through exercise, imploring treatments to  treating adult acne  ,  body odor, and other unpleasant physical conditions. Further, you can do a makeover on your wardrobe by being innovative and aggressive with different colors and styles.


You have to however, note that any new effort or innovation is vain unless you BELIEVE that you are beautiful inside and out, and picking the right clothes and attending to your physical flaws is only icing on a beautiful cake. This way, your social and personal relationship improves dramatically.

How to Select the Best Perfume Scents

Our Victoria Secret collections and are up for sale

The choice for the best perfume is distinctly based on your personal preference. You may like fruity, or flower scents,  grass or woody smells; what seems to be odd - smelling perfume to others may appear pleasant to some. Thus, the basic rule of thumb in selecting perfume is what you would love to smell on you.

If you are to test which is scent is better, try to dab  separately on your wrist and smell it individually. Mixing the perfume on the same wrist will cloud your choice. 

Further, a scent may differ as it stays on your skin; the fresh spray may be different after a few minutes on your wrist and if the smell seems pleasant to you, then, you are in for your best perfume.

Wearing perfume is simply like wearing any fashion accessory or apparel; it must first and foremost, make you more confident, vibrant and beautiful among others. 

Basic Tips to Taking Care of Your Bra

As a woman, bra or brassiere is simply essential for support among its other reasons, however, this seems to be too impossible to take care of and may seem to require special laundry strategy to not ruin the fabric, style or color.

Personally, I hand wash my stuffs along with my working clothes, so, not to be too harsh with the fabric. We have our washing machine though but the stretching and cycling makes my clothes gradually worn out. Thus, the hand wash solves this and this has been my secret over a couple of years. If I am too loaded to do the washing, I let someone do the toil. 

But, brassiere is of different dimension and a special care is indeed required. And, most women may find this quite a problem too. You can try, however, the following tips:

1. If you are using a machine washer, make sure that the  hooks are fasten and the brassieres are set in low setting;

2. It will also protect more your precious stuffs if they are placed in a zip lock net bag, so, you can wash your bra along with other light stuffs like socks, towels and alike. Make sure too that you wash it with stuffs of similar color;

3. If you are to do hand washing, never wrinkle or twist your bra especially if they have padded foams or wires, so, not to deform;

4. Hang dry your bra on a rack or lie flat to further protect it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Missing My Running Shoes and MP3

It has been over a week now that I missed my jogging and taebo and I feel so stressed out and drained that even if wish to be on my running shoes again, this seems to be too impossible to do. 

Exercise and diet are complementary strategies to any weight loss. Personally, I go for my daily joggings and weekend taebo to keep me fit but being too busy from work and business hinders my daily regimen. Exercise is never easy especially for  busy individuals and to consider cosmetic surgeries,   best weight loss pills review   and orthodox or new weight loss programs  is only essential.

With the increasing rate of lifestyle illnesses and personality problems, becoming lean and fit is only necessary and to achieve this through any means safe is only welcoming. 

I wish that when the store operations gets stabilized, I can be on my running shoes again and hit the tracks once more.

Interested to be a Boutique Distributor

Most of our stocks are intended for the top class but since we are located in a mall and most of the mall shoppers are of middle and bottom classes, we are quite interested to act as distributor of shirts, and other stuffs that will complement our present products.

So, if you are an independent seller or a company, give us a buzz and we can discuss the details and opportunities to becoming business partners.

Our Boutique's Fashion Pride

our signature shoes with brands like AK, Bandolino, Laura Ashley, Nine West among others

Few of our fashion accessories

some of of the signature bags from the names of Nine West, Liz Claiborne,
Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil,  Relic and others

these are few of the clothing apparel for women and the general public quite like the pink sequin dress on our display stand

Tips to Dressing Up Kids

Kids are not excused from becoming fashion trendy or looking good. Their becoming chubby or cute seems to be good enough to please the family or acquaintances that we normally ignore if they are comfortable with their outfits. 

My mom before would allow me to  wear any girlish dress, accessories and shoes but my other siblings were more exposed to wearing tomboy stuffs since my mom herself is all boyish with her actions and fashion taste. 

Some parents however, would want to really make their kids especially the girls appear pleasing and attractive that at young age, the girls are on high heels with sexy outfits that constrict their free - spirited  movements. 

I adore kids and if they are all neat and clean, I  wish I can just hug them but kids and adults must first and foremost consider comfort and ease in choosing any outfit. It is only natural to play and have fun may it be with dolls,  power wheels  , ball or board games.

Experts say that recreational fun is imperative not just among kids but also among adults to relieve of stress and to boost emotional intelligence among others.  Thus, parents and alike can all be trendy with our kid's fashion styles with due consideration on fun.


Behind the Name of Kreativ Boutique

our store facade

During opening ceremony, I indeed emphasize that my sisters and I were simply vain about shopping and fashion trending. 

And, my old friends and students before could attest that my fashion wardrobes before were limited to loose jeans, shirts and rubber shorts that when they saw me and our liking for apparel, they gave their shocking nod. hahahhahah!

But, just like any establishment, a business name is quite crucial. It was never easy to look for a name that fits us well, but, since we were into making fashion accessories and matching wardrobes, "creative," pronounced as krē-ˈā-tiv stuck and since then, the name has been used on our labels and tags. Good thing, the Department of Trade and Industry has approved our proposed name and we are only gladder that the people now remember the name.  

Our Boutique Has Finally Opened

our store during construction days - the counter area

the completed counter area;
in the morning during opening day and still busy with preparing stocks and coding

the other group who had been  quite busy prior to opening time

finally, the opening day with Avel Manansala from the City Mayor's Office and Romarie Cunanan, our city beauty titlist

Finally, our wait was over as last July 18, we opened the boutique to the public and we were only happier that our blogger-friends had joined us in our celebration. 

The waiting indeed took as more than a year  and we were quite overwhelmed that finally, it is now realized. 

We simply would want to cater to mid and top classes that we need variety of stocks to fill in the boutique. We just have to find resources to do all these but the new opening attracts more people now and we can only be hopeful that sales will be better in the coming days.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

T - Shirt Essentials

T - shirt can be traced back to as early as 19th century and in 1800, the miners and stevedores used the t - shirts as coverings in their hot working environments.

At a later time, t - shirts were introduced in USA when the US Naval Army used them in Spanish American war. T - shirts were used as undergarments in other times as workers used them in different industries like agriculture. But, during Great depression, t - shirts were greatly used because they could be cleaned easily and were inexpensive. They had become basic clothing among kids.

They were called T - shirts because of the form of the clothing which often come buttonless and collarless. To date, the trends of t - shirts have dramatically evolved into typical street fashion among different age groups across cultures and nations.

They come in different colors, styles and prints and oftentimes, the prints are used to depict a message, abstract or concrete art and alike.

I basically love t-shirts and most often than not, my family and I are on t - shirts because of their comfort, and cheap price.

With Internet and computer technology, it is easy now to go for personalized Tshirt Printing. With this, you get to show off to your reader your present mood, your personality or simply a random expression of thought or mood. T Shirt Printing has become a favorite trend that most people would want to have their own customized art on shirt. And, with this hype, a group of artists can Design Tshirts Online that can simply have your personality printed on your fave shirt and you can simply show them off to your friends and loved ones.

I want a customized red shirt with a text that says, " Blogging 24/7. Call Police Hotline."

Cute Fossil Bags

Pink and red are my top colors but bags and shoes are my passion. So, we are only happier that we got these Fossil bags in our store.

I hope that when the store is officially relocated to a mall, we shall have all these bags sold.

Are You Stylish?

You Are Super Stylish

You've got style, no doubt about it. You always look your best.

You are on top of trends, and you carefully pick what works for you.

You dress for the occasion, and you never wear anything inappropriate.

You only own the best clothing and accessories. You know how to make an impression.

Missing our Havaianas Flip Flops

We previously sold Havaianas flip flops and directly coming from Brazil and with the clients whom we had had served, they could attest that our stuffs were authentic.

We got this one last pair, a white printed flip flops with size 6 or 7, and although we got a number of orders, we still have to connect with our supplier and with her last demand for bulk order, we could not just meet up.

I hope that by the time we are all settled with our store relocation, we can place our next order.

Home - Made Fashion

My mom in - law is quite a talent; for one, she is a former government director, a boy scout international trainor, businesswoman, writer and fashion artist herself. She is a wonder woman along with a number of great women publicly or otherwise  known. 

Normally, she would make my kid and us  some pairs of sleepwear and the latest creation was a blouse she made for me.  The blouse was baggy, so, to make it all trendy and classy, I pair it with a belt and  sleek pants. The overall creation, then, was simply lovely. LOL!

Mothers are simply great in taking care of their youngsters even if they age until their prime, or when they have problems in relationships, health, work or even  adult acne.  This is only a basic illustration of how mothers simply love their families and as a mother, I am only happy to serve and take care of my own loved ones.  

So, in spite of the distance, we never miss to have a chat with mother in-law or give a call when needed. We quite miss her along with the rest of the family that we hope we can have them soon.

Most Expensive Denim

trash denim 

I am a denim woman and simply find any pair a good one when comfort and flexibility is in question. So, I made my search of what could be the most expensive denim and I am indeed surprised that the old trash 501 jeans manufactured in 1880s and acquired by a Japanese collector in 2005 was sold for $60,000. Geez!

But, another stunning fact is that Dussault Apparel’s luxury Trashed Denim jeans highlighted with 16 of 1-carat rubies, 26 of  .05-carat rubies, 8 of .05-carat diamonds and 1080 grams of 18k white or rose gold is sold at $250,000. Simply amazing!!! Should I buy this denim, ya sure, why not if I have that much but I will surely place my behind lock glasses. LOL!

Top Singers' Weirdest Fashion Statement

Lady Gaga at her usual distinct style

photo source:

Rihanna at her Vancouver Concert

photo by R. Chiang/Splash News - July 4, 2010

We all have our eccentricities and to varying extent that others simply love show off their talents, skills or in our songbirds' case, their fashion taste. 

I am a big fan of Rihanna and Lady Gaga. They are angels from heaven with all their vocal talents but the choice for outfit is simply outrageous.  I guess I call it their own unique personality and come as a package. Well, outrageous or not, we just adore these great talents!

Friday, July 9, 2010

House Arrested Running Shoes Again

My latest pair of running shoes is a white Reebok with  blue  highlights and has been my shoes for over a year. It is still up and ok however, with constant use, you can only expect it to show signs of wear.

The  shifting weather, however, in the Philippines makes me miss my daily jogs and weekend taebo, thus, my  running shoes have been on closed keep until I am well from my colds and can muster my energy to hit the running tracks again.  Jogging/running is a good medium to encourage better blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body and proven to  be effective in preventing various illnesses like colds or cancer.  Further, it is quite effective in addressing stress, reducing weights, and increasing bone density against osteoporosis. 

Health experts oftentimes say that if you wish to cut down your weights, you have to go for diets for quick weight loss , exercise like jogging, and healthy lifestyle. 

I am way past 30 years old with bone problems, thus, jogging is only more suitable for me. We can only be proactive when it comes to our health, and it must start soon.

To Vacate our Old Boutique Soon

our present store and soon - t0 - be vacated

facade of our new store located at the mall

In a week's time, we shall be relocating to our new place and we hope to really make good since we have bigger operational costs. I shall really be working my butt out and we hope we won't fail. 

I can really only keep my fingers crossed and just work harder.

What Does Your Butt Say About You?

Your Butt Says You're Competitive

You are a powerful, assertive person. You are a go-getter in all aspects of your life.

You are genuine and humble. You believe that there's more to you (and other people) than just looks.

You are drawn toward close, one-on-one relationships. You crave a partner - romantic or otherwise.

You are friendly and self-assured. You're not one to brag, but you're quite happy with yourself overall.

You tend to be a serious, straight laced kind of person. It takes you a while to warm up and let loose.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fashion Tips for Pregnant Women

Some pregnant women believe that they are not sexy anymore when they see that their tummy's are all bulging and proud. I know the feeling because I was once guilty of this sentiment.

However, women can still look sexy without sacrificing comfort as they choose the right clothing.

1. Pregnant or not, pick the right color that complements your skin tone.

2. Pick clothing material like cotton that can provide flexibility in your clothing and contribute to feeling relaxed. I once hate clothes that made me perspire more, so, go for clothes that can provide ease above all.

3. Pick the right style. There are maternity dresses that do provide enough support for and access to the breast especially if you are lactating although the choice of bra can further  support this. 

4. Consider reusability. Some maternity dresses are loose but I still prefer to re-use them by acessorizing  the dresses even after pregnancy. I say that's comfort and sense rolled into one.

Pregnancy is quite a gift for most women and with this special condition requires special care and attention including pregnancy - friendly lifestyle including diet, vitamins like prenatal vitamins, beauty and exercise regimen.  I still believe that pregnant women are one of the most beautiful because they exude love and life beyond anything else.

Running Shoes for a Cause, A Milo Marathon's Project

Milo's Marathon Cause's Flagship Pic

photo source: Milo Philippines 

I have been doing my jogs since 2007 and although I haven't joined yet any running race or marathons for that event, it is still my dream to join a local and national marathon race even just for beginners. 

But, what makes it more exciting is the fact that Milo, a big supporter of sports, holds a project,  called “The Gift,”  to HELP GIVE SHOES among kids and everyone else who need running shoes.  I wish that I can do that although I have my old shoes given to my cousins and nieces.  But, the public can greatly provide shoes for kids who need one by  joining the Milo's Marathon Race.  A portion of the runner's registration fee shall be alloted to producing running shoes for public schools determined by Department of Education. 

So, if you are just around the area where this country's most popular marathon race will be held, help raise funds to  underprivileged  school children.

To see the details of this race, click here

Tips on Picking the Right Cocktail Dress for You

Sarah Geronimo during her Gensan City 2009 concert

Style experts shall say that nude colors like black or beige shall do are safe and fine but if you really want to stand out in the crowd without looking out - of - place or lost in another world, I still believe on these basic rules on cocktail dress:

  1. Pick colors that complement your skin tone. If you are pale, a contrasting like black or red can accentuate your looks;
  2. Pick styles that hide your flaws but highlight your assets; If you have a bulging tummy, highlights on the neckline can draw more attention to your upper body. 
  3. Consider your height. Long dresses for petite people will surely make them shorter.
  4. Wear complementing accessories including bags and footwear.
  5. Show confidence in what you wear. If you believe that you look good, this is actually exuded in your aura as you walk on the red carpet. This shall highlight more your cocktail dress and not the other way around.

Search for Quality Stylish Laptop Bags

BUILT's Laptop Portfolio bag 

photo source:

This is my laptop bag, a neoprene black - padded ready - to - carry BUILT bag; My in - laws sent this to us and since my notebook has only its jacket but is too heavy to fit into my shoulder bag,  I simply use this BUILT bag for my unit and since then, I get different queries if we sell these stuffs too.  I shall, however, make my request if the family can accept orders for these bags.

On the other hand, my ASUS EeePC seems to show symptoms of wear that I could not anymore use my mousepad' s buttons that I am considering of another laptop but with CD drive already. And, by far, I hold more faith on DELL units but I quite need wholesale laptops  that can just fit within my possible budget. 

For now, I just have to endure my old notebook and hope  that it won't die on me too soon.

Our Boutique's Hang Tag

Here is our personalized simple but  elegant design for our hang tag; we did have this printed and by next week, we can all attached the tags to our stuffs and be ready for opening date. 

We have varied stuffs from different places but the personalized tags will add personality to what we sell. Our target opening date is July 18; we only hope we will have a good and lasting impression to the general public. 

Painting Our Boutique Store Red

Red is a color of passion, assertiveness, enthusiasm, elegance and happiness but with all these meanings, I simply love red that I prefer it more than other subtle colors. With too much liking, I simply have half of my wardrobes and things in any hue of red. But, red paint for our store is not simply a matter of preference; my Feng Shui, a Chinese belief of balancing the laws of heaven and earth for comfortable living, says that red is lucky for our store. What a sweet coincidence of fate, huh!

We move our store opening to July 18 to give way to other nitty -  gritty details including hangtags, labels, posters among others. I consider print advertisements, swiper machine, or sell merchant account  for more revenues.

Feng Shui may be believed to be a scam for marketing or a subjective and unscientific claim for better results, however, I can only need all the help I can get for an efficient and effective administration of our business.  Lots of luck is all I need with our hard work.

How to Appear Lady-like on Camouflage Fashion

with colleagues  and fellow airsoft players

Athletic attire or comouflage looks were least of my concerns before as I was no athlete when I was younger nor an athlete now but I love to do recreational exercise which to this date has included airsoft games, badminton, bowling, basketball and jogging. 

During an airsoft game, we are required to be on our uniform with protection masks against passing through pellets. But, in spite of this, we get the bruising depending on the hit's proximity.

Airsoft game is normally played by men, however, because of the adrenaline rush, excitement and impact on weights, women begin to consider this  men - once - dominated sport. Personally, I have to still put on my earrings, tie my hair with a cute but not too conspicuous ponytail and with a sexy, light but powerful airsoft gun.  The ending is always a blast!!!!  I quite miss it though that I hope I can next join friendly tourney.

How to Pick Out the Right Stockings for You

I rarely wear skirts as I don't have great legs, blame it to being a tomboy when I was younger; however, when you are an office girl, it is not unusual that you are required to be on skirts to form part of your uniform. 

Although, the weather in the Philippines is quite humid and dry, you won't see many employees on stockings. However, to make those stockings complement and accentuate your aura and looks, you can employ the following tips:

  • Pick the right color that blends naturally with your skin tone. Contrast colors may be sexy to highlight your legs but may be too loud for office use. 
  • If you wear short skirts, it  is wiser to wear pantyhose to keep the stockings up although there are tight - holding stockings that can cling to anywhere you like it.
  • With various outfits  and shoe styles, there are stockings that can blend well with your other outfit.
  •  Use durable and comfy stockings that may last through wear and tear.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rescheduling Boutique's Opening

We were supposed to open this July 8 for good luck but  we are left with other nitty - gritty stuffs along with the completion of the signage and painting that force us to reschedule the opening day.

When we check the construction this late afternoon, the ceiling was all set but the entire place still requires final painting, shelfing, fixtures polishing, other essentials like  counter machines, pails like stainless steel drum  and display mirrors.

We shall design our hang tag label and with that, we can request for hang tag's job order along with our customized bags.

We still have to look for other lucky dates though so business can at least have good vibes to attract more sales; this new business simply needs good luck, hard work, innovations, and friendly market.

Another Big Runway Laugh

After a post with beauty titlist we simply had fun time trying to act as one of them leading us all to laughing out loud.

Hmnn, I wonder if we are close to the beauty titlists. hahahhahah!

What Kind of Fashionable Woman Are You?

Your Fashion Style is Girly

You dress to look beautiful and show off what you've got

Dresses, skirts, heels... whatever it takes to turn heads

You love feeling like a girl in any setting

Even your workout clothes are cute and feminine!

Accessorizing Old Bags

I simply got more than a dozen of bags and some were  already relinquished, so, to keep them from keeping dust and molds. 

But, my collection practically includes cheap and pricey ones of various names, sizes, colors and styles. But, most basic among my bags is to at least for my essentials to be fully kept and carried comfortably. So, in my teaching days, I quite have an oversized bag along with my laptop's tote.

Surprisingly though, I saw a strand of pink ribbon simply stashed away in our old cabinet together with an abandoned plain abaca bag. With an effortless creativity, I looped the strand into the holes for accentuation. 

Handcrafts including bags, shoes, furnitures especially patio furniture  exude extra-ordinary beauty  that price seems immaterial. 

I shall soon bring this old bag alive with a fancy pair of shoes and catchy outfit. Who says fashion and beauty  should be expensive?

Needing a Fashion Signage

We have been using this image on our hang tag but we wish to create our own personalized and crafted logo where we can place it on our signage, bags and

We are still waiting for resources and design, and I only hope that we can have all these ready before the opening date.

KREATIV is the name for creative sisters who simply have their own unique taste when it comes to fashion and from the passion for shopping, we were simply compelled to do what we love to do while earning. So, wish us good luck as we relocate to a mall space.

My Kayak Man

at Isla Jardin - Gumasa, Glan

My kid simply loves to try  anything and the last adventure he had was to try the kayak and row it along with his Tito. 

He, however, was quite pissed when he was called to end his fun and head home after an hour of rowing. LOL!  

We shall surely go back to this place and will have more time doing the kayak together.