Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Accessorizing Old Bags

I simply got more than a dozen of bags and some were  already relinquished, so, to keep them from keeping dust and molds. 

But, my collection practically includes cheap and pricey ones of various names, sizes, colors and styles. But, most basic among my bags is to at least for my essentials to be fully kept and carried comfortably. So, in my teaching days, I quite have an oversized bag along with my laptop's tote.

Surprisingly though, I saw a strand of pink ribbon simply stashed away in our old cabinet together with an abandoned plain abaca bag. With an effortless creativity, I looped the strand into the holes for accentuation. 

Handcrafts including bags, shoes, furnitures especially patio furniture  exude extra-ordinary beauty  that price seems immaterial. 

I shall soon bring this old bag alive with a fancy pair of shoes and catchy outfit. Who says fashion and beauty  should be expensive?