Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aleera Montalla for Kreativ Boutique

Aleera in our Counter Area

Our Kreativ Boutique pics of

Aleera Montalla - Model/Actress

My sister, Tammy, happens to be a friend of Aleera Montalla, and without much coaxing, Aleera gave her go signal to use her pictures in our humble store and we can only be happier that she approved and that people get to notice our store.

Aleera's films include Project Fear (2010), Tarot (2009), Affliction(2008), and Casket for Hire (2007). With her stunning beauty, she is a personal fave in renowned ramp modeling. 

Indeed this lady is filled with inner beauty on top of everything. Thanks again Aleera.  You too can join her in her Facebook page.