Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Artistic and Fancy Handcrafts

July is a celebrated month of entrepreneurship and last year when I was still the executive director/project officer of Sarangani Chamber of Commerce, I worked closely with Provincial Department of Industry on various business – focused activities which include livelihood programs among mothers and out-of-school youth. The programs were in great number, however, I felt sorry that most constituents of the province are passive of these services that they don’t really pay much use of it. I guess being rural and with less opportunities seem to be the obvious hindrances to economic development.

Now, that I am separated with the provincial chamber and with the new year again, July is quite celebrated as Yaman Gensan in our city. And, just last weekend, we saw a trade exhibit of various enterprises including handcrafts. I saw works made out of corn husks which will be quite appealing as gifts. In other rural areas, they weave threads of pineapple to form clothing, abaca for bags, shells for fashion accessories and others. Filipinos are indeed very innovative and with the right government support and financial assistance, these entrepreneurs shall surely succeed in a short time.