Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bad Economy for Fashion Industry

The impact of economic recession continues to prevail making a good number of companies worldwide to retrench employees or to declare bankruptcy. The fashion industry remains plagued as people would rather prioritize their food, shelter, and education. In my country, the greater public would rather prefer semi-used clothing ("ukay-ukay") for their cheaper values. 

This quite makes me alarmed  as we place our boutique to a mall's space and with higher operational costs like rent and personnel salary, I can only get anxious but remain hopeful and innovative. 

This bad economy is really hitting almost everyone that supplemental revenues like affiliate program  can be an appealing option.  Some of my fellowmen would rather work abroad to compensate more for their working hours while the rest of Filipinos endure hard and difficult living. We can only hope that the economy fully recovers and that living can be comfortable again.