Sunday, July 25, 2010

Basic Tips to Taking Care of Your Bra

As a woman, bra or brassiere is simply essential for support among its other reasons, however, this seems to be too impossible to take care of and may seem to require special laundry strategy to not ruin the fabric, style or color.

Personally, I hand wash my stuffs along with my working clothes, so, not to be too harsh with the fabric. We have our washing machine though but the stretching and cycling makes my clothes gradually worn out. Thus, the hand wash solves this and this has been my secret over a couple of years. If I am too loaded to do the washing, I let someone do the toil. 

But, brassiere is of different dimension and a special care is indeed required. And, most women may find this quite a problem too. You can try, however, the following tips:

1. If you are using a machine washer, make sure that the  hooks are fasten and the brassieres are set in low setting;

2. It will also protect more your precious stuffs if they are placed in a zip lock net bag, so, you can wash your bra along with other light stuffs like socks, towels and alike. Make sure too that you wash it with stuffs of similar color;

3. If you are to do hand washing, never wrinkle or twist your bra especially if they have padded foams or wires, so, not to deform;

4. Hang dry your bra on a rack or lie flat to further protect it.