Thursday, July 29, 2010

Effects of Overweight and Underweight

Media hype on print and non-print about definition of real beauty is quite misleading.  It somehow illustrates that beauty is only defined if we are all bone and skin and are flawless physically. With this message sent across, it is not unusual that most people would want to anything and everything to lose weight. 

However, this media hype is not just about beauty because overweight and underweight  also has implications on our health where  experts and doctors say that extreme weight condition can lead to infertility,  heart risks, diabetes, and degraded self esteem among others. 

Thus, a healthy exercise and diet including safe and effective pills or programs from   can indeed help you lose and gain weight fast.

Further, experts say that healthy lifestyle and normal weight conditions lessen your tendency to be stressful and this is quite imperative as you hurdle through your works, relationships and health. 

So, go hit that gym or revolutionize your eating habits, and be fit and fab!