Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fashion Tips for Pregnant Women

Some pregnant women believe that they are not sexy anymore when they see that their tummy's are all bulging and proud. I know the feeling because I was once guilty of this sentiment.

However, women can still look sexy without sacrificing comfort as they choose the right clothing.

1. Pregnant or not, pick the right color that complements your skin tone.

2. Pick clothing material like cotton that can provide flexibility in your clothing and contribute to feeling relaxed. I once hate clothes that made me perspire more, so, go for clothes that can provide ease above all.

3. Pick the right style. There are maternity dresses that do provide enough support for and access to the breast especially if you are lactating although the choice of bra can further  support this. 

4. Consider reusability. Some maternity dresses are loose but I still prefer to re-use them by acessorizing  the dresses even after pregnancy. I say that's comfort and sense rolled into one.

Pregnancy is quite a gift for most women and with this special condition requires special care and attention including pregnancy - friendly lifestyle including diet, vitamins like prenatal vitamins, beauty and exercise regimen.  I still believe that pregnant women are one of the most beautiful because they exude love and life beyond anything else.