Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home - Made Fashion

My mom in - law is quite a talent; for one, she is a former government director, a boy scout international trainor, businesswoman, writer and fashion artist herself. She is a wonder woman along with a number of great women publicly or otherwise  known. 

Normally, she would make my kid and us  some pairs of sleepwear and the latest creation was a blouse she made for me.  The blouse was baggy, so, to make it all trendy and classy, I pair it with a belt and  sleek pants. The overall creation, then, was simply lovely. LOL!

Mothers are simply great in taking care of their youngsters even if they age until their prime, or when they have problems in relationships, health, work or even  adult acne.  This is only a basic illustration of how mothers simply love their families and as a mother, I am only happy to serve and take care of my own loved ones.  

So, in spite of the distance, we never miss to have a chat with mother in-law or give a call when needed. We quite miss her along with the rest of the family that we hope we can have them soon.