Friday, July 9, 2010

House Arrested Running Shoes Again

My latest pair of running shoes is a white Reebok with  blue  highlights and has been my shoes for over a year. It is still up and ok however, with constant use, you can only expect it to show signs of wear.

The  shifting weather, however, in the Philippines makes me miss my daily jogs and weekend taebo, thus, my  running shoes have been on closed keep until I am well from my colds and can muster my energy to hit the running tracks again.  Jogging/running is a good medium to encourage better blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body and proven to  be effective in preventing various illnesses like colds or cancer.  Further, it is quite effective in addressing stress, reducing weights, and increasing bone density against osteoporosis. 

Health experts oftentimes say that if you wish to cut down your weights, you have to go for diets for quick weight loss , exercise like jogging, and healthy lifestyle. 

I am way past 30 years old with bone problems, thus, jogging is only more suitable for me. We can only be proactive when it comes to our health, and it must start soon.