Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to Appear Lady-like on Camouflage Fashion

with colleagues  and fellow airsoft players

Athletic attire or comouflage looks were least of my concerns before as I was no athlete when I was younger nor an athlete now but I love to do recreational exercise which to this date has included airsoft games, badminton, bowling, basketball and jogging. 

During an airsoft game, we are required to be on our uniform with protection masks against passing through pellets. But, in spite of this, we get the bruising depending on the hit's proximity.

Airsoft game is normally played by men, however, because of the adrenaline rush, excitement and impact on weights, women begin to consider this  men - once - dominated sport. Personally, I have to still put on my earrings, tie my hair with a cute but not too conspicuous ponytail and with a sexy, light but powerful airsoft gun.  The ending is always a blast!!!!  I quite miss it though that I hope I can next join friendly tourney.