Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Be Safe and Fashion Trendy

It is almost essential for most women to bring our bags to stuff basic essentials to include beauty stuffs, moisturizer, pen, book, sanitizer among other things. Personally, I have to bring a big bag, so, I can practically bring all my stuffs along with my teaching books and papers. 

I am not a 100% compulsive organizer, but, I quite commend anyone who can stuff their bags even first aid meds,  extra lingerie, oral care and few foods to top it all.  Others may say this is an over preparation, but for the wiser, I call it  proactive protection just like  health insurance in nc   that can help you with your health needs.

It may be awkward to bring big bags but I would not want it otherwise because I like to wander around with ease and comfort should I need anything from my bag.