Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Care of Your Precious Bags

We sell   bags among our other store stuffs and normally, they get more sold much faster than our clothing apparel. I personally have my own vanity on bags and keeping them all stacked in my room that they are likely to gather dust or molds. 

But, here  are the basic tips to make sure that your bags last longer than they should be:

1. Don't keep your bags covered with plastic as this constrict your bags' breathing; use instead a cloth bag;

2. Bring them out in an open space for air;

3. Lightly brush, iron (if needed) with the right temperature and through a paper or another cloth to protect your bag;

4. Don't use strong chemicals; a regular brushing will suffice;

5. Go for natural drying should your bag gets wet;

6. Pick out the right care depending on your bag's materials like leather, canvas, polyester, nylon and alike.