Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to Pick Out the Right Stockings for You

I rarely wear skirts as I don't have great legs, blame it to being a tomboy when I was younger; however, when you are an office girl, it is not unusual that you are required to be on skirts to form part of your uniform. 

Although, the weather in the Philippines is quite humid and dry, you won't see many employees on stockings. However, to make those stockings complement and accentuate your aura and looks, you can employ the following tips:

  • Pick the right color that blends naturally with your skin tone. Contrast colors may be sexy to highlight your legs but may be too loud for office use. 
  • If you wear short skirts, it  is wiser to wear pantyhose to keep the stockings up although there are tight - holding stockings that can cling to anywhere you like it.
  • With various outfits  and shoe styles, there are stockings that can blend well with your other outfit.
  •  Use durable and comfy stockings that may last through wear and tear.