Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Select the Best Perfume Scents

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The choice for the best perfume is distinctly based on your personal preference. You may like fruity, or flower scents,  grass or woody smells; what seems to be odd - smelling perfume to others may appear pleasant to some. Thus, the basic rule of thumb in selecting perfume is what you would love to smell on you.

If you are to test which is scent is better, try to dab  separately on your wrist and smell it individually. Mixing the perfume on the same wrist will cloud your choice. 

Further, a scent may differ as it stays on your skin; the fresh spray may be different after a few minutes on your wrist and if the smell seems pleasant to you, then, you are in for your best perfume.

Wearing perfume is simply like wearing any fashion accessory or apparel; it must first and foremost, make you more confident, vibrant and beautiful among others.