Thursday, July 29, 2010

Looking for Makeup Kits

My store would want to provide makeup kits to complement our other products and I quite remember well that our other customers look for beauty products that are dedicated to facial care and attention. So, I am indeed looking for stuffs that I can display in our boutique and consignment basis can only be a better option at this bad economy.

Women find makeup kits as part of their essentials and we simply want to have that Hollywood face but facial flaws like pimples, warts, acne among others are simply a big disappointment. And makeup kits to conceal the flaws can be heavenly but prompt treatment especially acne medications should be exercised, so, not to prolong our agony.

I somehow dug up where and when makeup ever hailed and I am not surprised that Egypt indeed had historical records on facial aesthetics as early as first dynasty of Egypt, around c.3100-2907 where they used antimony for eye makeup and unguent as moisturizer and sunblock. Cool!

So, perhaps, I should check with my highschool friend and follow-up with her makeup kits very soon.