Saturday, July 10, 2010

Most Expensive Denim

trash denim 

I am a denim woman and simply find any pair a good one when comfort and flexibility is in question. So, I made my search of what could be the most expensive denim and I am indeed surprised that the old trash 501 jeans manufactured in 1880s and acquired by a Japanese collector in 2005 was sold for $60,000. Geez!

But, another stunning fact is that Dussault Apparel’s luxury Trashed Denim jeans highlighted with 16 of 1-carat rubies, 26 of  .05-carat rubies, 8 of .05-carat diamonds and 1080 grams of 18k white or rose gold is sold at $250,000. Simply amazing!!! Should I buy this denim, ya sure, why not if I have that much but I will surely place my behind lock glasses. LOL!