Saturday, July 3, 2010

On Teacher's Uniform

I quite like to dress up and this means doing a mix and match of my wardrobes and accessories that most of the time gets a good praise from colleagues and students. 

But, whenever I become too lazy to pick my wardrobe, I just use my teacher's uniform and although I don't like the colors or the style, I can only endure.  So, with my new school, I have acquired their uniform for an added wardrobe option although I just want to be on pants and shirts whenever I have only a subject to attend to. 

I quite miss my daily joggings and my food cravings seem to kick in again that the added weight becomes too difficult to prevent.  Exercise is really too hard to sustain especially if you are are caught with your busy lifestyle and work. Perhaps, I might as well complement my every - other - day jogs with diet pills that really work.  

I missed my weekend taebo's this week as I caught colds but I wish to resume next week when my health is not at all screaming for a good rest.