Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our Boutique Has Finally Opened

our store during construction days - the counter area

the completed counter area;
in the morning during opening day and still busy with preparing stocks and coding

the other group who had been  quite busy prior to opening time

finally, the opening day with Avel Manansala from the City Mayor's Office and Romarie Cunanan, our city beauty titlist

Finally, our wait was over as last July 18, we opened the boutique to the public and we were only happier that our blogger-friends had joined us in our celebration. 

The waiting indeed took as more than a year  and we were quite overwhelmed that finally, it is now realized. 

We simply would want to cater to mid and top classes that we need variety of stocks to fill in the boutique. We just have to find resources to do all these but the new opening attracts more people now and we can only be hopeful that sales will be better in the coming days.