Thursday, July 8, 2010

Painting Our Boutique Store Red

Red is a color of passion, assertiveness, enthusiasm, elegance and happiness but with all these meanings, I simply love red that I prefer it more than other subtle colors. With too much liking, I simply have half of my wardrobes and things in any hue of red. But, red paint for our store is not simply a matter of preference; my Feng Shui, a Chinese belief of balancing the laws of heaven and earth for comfortable living, says that red is lucky for our store. What a sweet coincidence of fate, huh!

We move our store opening to July 18 to give way to other nitty -  gritty details including hangtags, labels, posters among others. I consider print advertisements, swiper machine, or sell merchant account  for more revenues.

Feng Shui may be believed to be a scam for marketing or a subjective and unscientific claim for better results, however, I can only need all the help I can get for an efficient and effective administration of our business.  Lots of luck is all I need with our hard work.