Thursday, July 8, 2010

Running Shoes for a Cause, A Milo Marathon's Project

Milo's Marathon Cause's Flagship Pic

photo source: Milo Philippines 

I have been doing my jogs since 2007 and although I haven't joined yet any running race or marathons for that event, it is still my dream to join a local and national marathon race even just for beginners. 

But, what makes it more exciting is the fact that Milo, a big supporter of sports, holds a project,  called “The Gift,”  to HELP GIVE SHOES among kids and everyone else who need running shoes.  I wish that I can do that although I have my old shoes given to my cousins and nieces.  But, the public can greatly provide shoes for kids who need one by  joining the Milo's Marathon Race.  A portion of the runner's registration fee shall be alloted to producing running shoes for public schools determined by Department of Education. 

So, if you are just around the area where this country's most popular marathon race will be held, help raise funds to  underprivileged  school children.

To see the details of this race, click here