Saturday, July 10, 2010

T - Shirt Essentials

T - shirt can be traced back to as early as 19th century and in 1800, the miners and stevedores used the t - shirts as coverings in their hot working environments.

At a later time, t - shirts were introduced in USA when the US Naval Army used them in Spanish American war. T - shirts were used as undergarments in other times as workers used them in different industries like agriculture. But, during Great depression, t - shirts were greatly used because they could be cleaned easily and were inexpensive. They had become basic clothing among kids.

They were called T - shirts because of the form of the clothing which often come buttonless and collarless. To date, the trends of t - shirts have dramatically evolved into typical street fashion among different age groups across cultures and nations.

They come in different colors, styles and prints and oftentimes, the prints are used to depict a message, abstract or concrete art and alike.

I basically love t-shirts and most often than not, my family and I are on t - shirts because of their comfort, and cheap price.

With Internet and computer technology, it is easy now to go for personalized Tshirt Printing. With this, you get to show off to your reader your present mood, your personality or simply a random expression of thought or mood. T Shirt Printing has become a favorite trend that most people would want to have their own customized art on shirt. And, with this hype, a group of artists can Design Tshirts Online that can simply have your personality printed on your fave shirt and you can simply show them off to your friends and loved ones.

I want a customized red shirt with a text that says, " Blogging 24/7. Call Police Hotline."