Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tips to Dressing Up Kids

Kids are not excused from becoming fashion trendy or looking good. Their becoming chubby or cute seems to be good enough to please the family or acquaintances that we normally ignore if they are comfortable with their outfits. 

My mom before would allow me to  wear any girlish dress, accessories and shoes but my other siblings were more exposed to wearing tomboy stuffs since my mom herself is all boyish with her actions and fashion taste. 

Some parents however, would want to really make their kids especially the girls appear pleasing and attractive that at young age, the girls are on high heels with sexy outfits that constrict their free - spirited  movements. 

I adore kids and if they are all neat and clean, I  wish I can just hug them but kids and adults must first and foremost consider comfort and ease in choosing any outfit. It is only natural to play and have fun may it be with dolls,  power wheels  , ball or board games.

Experts say that recreational fun is imperative not just among kids but also among adults to relieve of stress and to boost emotional intelligence among others.  Thus, parents and alike can all be trendy with our kid's fashion styles with due consideration on fun.