Monday, July 5, 2010

Twilight Saga Eclipse Ladies Fashion Style

Kristen Stewart - The Vampire Girl of Twilight Phenomenon

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I have read Twilight Saga books thrice and if I shall have again the time, I won’t hesitate to read them again. But, along with this liking is my interest too to see the personalities behind the characters. Who won’t miss the characters of Bella, Alice, Jacob and Edward among the rest of the cast?

I keep tabs on the love trio’s and I had my distaste on how Kristen Stewart preferred her fashion styles and lack of confidence. But, over time, her disdain for fashion and elegance has quite improved except for the occasional slouch or make faces, she’s a big surprise.

So, I got this article on how the Eclipse ladies seem to share the same taste when it comes to individual fashion statements albeit I quite personally Dakota Faning’s and Ashley Greene’s exuding self – esteem.