Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Youth's Fashion Fad

supra shoes 

photo source: www.highsnobiety.com

Our boutique only sells typical apparel for teenager and adult but when it comes to punky fashion, we are quite bleak. However, the store is also filled with casual and party teenager gowns and accessories, shirts, pants and shoes along with perfumes and  bags.

However, one of the most seen among the young ones is their pair of colorful supra footwear that indeed are punky and stylish.  They blend well with the rugged jeans, loose shirts, coat, and cap with wrist bands to top it all.

One thing about dressing up the young ones is that they are never afraid to revolutionize their fashion taste, lifestyle and health habits including acne treatment  for improved personality and that is something adults can consider. 

Perhaps, if we can go on shopping again, I shall consider buying stuffs for the punky and innovative youngsters.