Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fashion Tips in Theater Houses

Movie watching is a typical recreation for me and for the rest of th family and whenever we can and if the movie is of our liking,  you will see us on the line buying for  tickets  and simply savor the movie and bonding time with loved ones. 

So, if you equally love theater movies, plays, and games, then go for big deals for theater tickets   and have grand time with friends and family members.

Watching your fave sport games, award nights, concerts, plays or movies, however, requires you to go for comfortable but stylish fashion outfit. You don't to be the center of attention simply because your fit is of different planet.  Well, rules of thumb though, wear what the event will naturally require.  I will, however, discourage wearing dangling accessories as they may get entangle when crowd is wild and cranky.

With busy and active lifestyle, it will do you good if you can find time to enjoy great things to get recharged and energized for better living. 


New Guess Sunglasses for Your Picking

Price ranges are between PHP 3200.00 - PHP 4999.00

New Fossil Watch for Your Picking

New Fossil for Women at Php 4950.00

New Fossil for men at Php 7215.00

We get these new watches for sale in our boutique and if you are interested, give us a buzz.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rearranging our Boutique's Interior

spaces we have to maximize for more conspicuous views of stocks

We want to maximize our store's space and with roughly 18 square meters of space, we can only place few things since the mall was quite distinct and strict about making the space elegant. Thus, we can't simply hang anything. 

So, we started rearranging our wall space to give way for more fashion accessories and display glasses on our front area to hold more shoes. 

But, to make sure that we won't compromise the store's interior beauty, we used elegant and quality hardware accessories particularly from Schlage   for style and efficiency.

We can only find means to make sure that we make more sales in spite of our limited space. I only hope that  after all the polishing, we can acquire improved sales with unrelenting ease.

Demand for XOXO bags

Before and after teaching works, I normally stay in our boutique and with that, I get to see the trends for the apparel and the demand for XOXO bags. In our last set of stocks, we got three (3) XOXO loots but I have the two in my possession. hahhahahhahah!

More customers are still waiting for this brand but we can only wait if our suppliers can provide for these bags.

In the meantime, we can only show off other brands to other potential buyers.

New Stocks for the Store

Some Asean stuffs that we normally have in our store along with our US items

just an old pic taken in one of our mall exhibits

In our first month, the store has been bleeding because of bleak sales and with that, we tried different means like retailing our Victoria Secrets’ perfume, buying Hongkong apparel and other low – cost commodities.

I guess our problem is no different from the problems encountered by other entrepreneurs. I can only hope that since the last two quarters are starting, businesses can cope with their losses.