Thursday, September 30, 2010

Managing the Boutique and More

After two months of staying with our store attendant to save on operating costs, I decided to take the backseat and just concentrate on macro managing of our boutique. I guess the idea is to cut on cost, train employee and establish goodwill with old and new customers.

Come October 4, I shall be getting an additional store attendant, so, I can have more time attending to making the boutique's website and be active in spreading online presence of the boutique.

With all the stress I am getting from business and schools, it is only typical that I get health problems including acne that I wish I can just use safe and effective treatment for faster results.

I may be having additional operating cost but if it may mean that I can increase more the sales because of internet shopping, then, all my efforts wont go to waste. As an entrepreneur, I can only take the risks and trust on others and my will.

Our Elegant Juana Blouses

Juana blouses are my personal favorites because not only that they are chic, elegant and comfy, they are way tooooooooo cheap too. In our store, we have the above stocks sold at price range PHP 390.00 - 470.00 depending on sizes and styles.

So, I personally wear them for school and formal occasions. Buzz me and I can present more Juana stocks.

Our New Custo Barcelona Bags

These our newly arrived Custo Barcelona canvas bags sold at PHP 550.00 and since I have my own Barcelona bag, I can quite attest that this bag is way toooooooooo durable, classic and stylish. The bags are simply great for carrying your basic essentials, laptop or books!

Buzz me if you are interested.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Boutique Stocks' Arrival

Just recently, our new US stocks have arrived and we were only too excited to sort them out. However, since I am the one in charge with the stocks' inventory and accounting, I am quite drained with all the receipts and ledgers.

This is the time that I wish I can just have document management system to make all the paper works more organized and paperless if possible.

Our suppliers have brought us more perfume but fewer shoes and apparel. It has been two days since their arrival and I am still coping with the required tasks. I only wish that I can finalize everything before the new week.

With bleak sales, I can only wish that store operations can be more efficient and sales can pick up.

Mr and Ms Gensan 2010 Awarded

The top winners to Mr and Ms Gensan 2010
photo source:

This year's Tuna Festival is without any pageant shows and this year, it is highlighted with Ms Little Gensan for the youngsters, Mr and Ms Gensan for the teens and Ginang Bariles for the big adults.

So, for the teens' category, the highest crowns were earned by Mindanao State University students. Not only beauty but wits overwhelm the stage. I just love the gowns and other show segments.

Colorful Madi Gras Street Dancing in Tuna Festival 2010

two separate schools on their presentation

photography: Arnel Joshua Lim

Today is the culminating day of Gensan City's Tuna Festival 2010 and we started the day with a witness of street dancing of elementary and high school students as they danced to the tune of Tuna Festival theme song.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big Fashion Deals

In this high time of economic hard - up, it is only practical that we look for stuffs including apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories that are not only chic and fancy but also very affordable. So, we can look for best promotional products that can live up to our tight budget. Good thing, there are sensible online sites that can address to this pressing need.

It is September already and while it is almost end of the year, we can only be hopeful that the customer's buying mood gets better. With the festive holidays on the air, the companies can only provide big deals for best buys and the customers are the big winners.

What's Your Fashion Style?

You love how fashion changes, and for you half the excitement is keeping up with the latest trends.
You are a shopaholic, and you're often obsessed with being the first person you know to sport a new look.

You always seem like you stepped out of a fashion magazine, and you're quick to discard anything that's "so last year".
You may be a bit of a slave to fashion, but you enjoy looking good. So what if your credit cards suffer a little?

Fashionable Healthy Wrist Bands

We all want to be safe from any form of sickness, may it be from heart or cancer disease, dengue, Mesothelioma , hypertension among others.

With the expensive costs of treatment, it is only important that we do all means to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and safe.

Like the adage, "Prevention is better than cure.", it is only practical that we eliminate the reasons or causes of any form of illness. Being sick means extra unwanted costs and worse, it can mean the very lives of our loved ones or our very own life.

So, in the Philippines, the cases of dengue continue to accelerate that even mosquito repellant wrist bands and patches overwhelm the market.

There are some diseases that can be avoided or prevented, and being informed makes a big difference.

Wanted: School Bags

Custo Barcelona Bag
photo source:

We have been selling this Custo Barcelona type of bag and the demand was more than the needed supply as we run out of stocks.

Come next week, we shall try to have these stocks replenished.

How to Make Your Own Flip Flops

Making your own flip flops is quite easy; Simply have your rubber soles, bottom, mid-section, and top soles and your flip flops will last for several months to a year or so. You can all connect these using a quality rugby or glue. But, before you do this completely, add the straps and form these to any design you like. Then, presto! You have your own flip flops!

Accessories to Make You Slimmer

You are working on your weights but still way farther from your finish line, then, worry not because any or combination of plastic surgery, weight loss pills and exercise as fat burner can bring tremendous, fast and effective results.

So, while on your weight loss program, you can use your accessories to hide your oversize weight. Here are the few tips:

  • Big sizes mean big weights, so, using appropriate size for accessories suits better;
  • If you have bigger waist, use a catchy necklace to draw attention to your neck rather than to your waist;
  • Don't wear oversized belts or fancy belts as these draw attention to bigger waist.
  • Accentuate your slimming black or any one color outfit through catchy jewelry.

How to Make Handcrafted Necklaces

We have these bunches of necklaces made up of waxed cord accentuated with pendants made from sea glasses, shells, stones, curved glues, and more beads.

So, if you have loose stuffs which you can re - use for your necklace, then, you can craft your necklaces as you please. The thing with these necklaces is to draw re - adjustable knots on your waxed cord to adjust its fit.

How Your Favorite Outfit Tells What Kind of Girl You Are

You're bold and risk taking when it comes to style.
You are proud of who you are. It doesn't matter what others think.
A complete flirt, men are drawn to your confidence.

Designer match: Betsey Johnson

Signature accessory: A studded leather hobo bag

Dresses to Look Thinner

Most people desire to have a ramp model - type body to boost self esteem and to keep weight - related problems at bay. But, how do we lose weight and make this sustainable? We can try plastic surgery, weight loss medications and exercise.

So, perhaps, while you are working on your weight loss programs, you can try clothes and dresses that can feign your oversize weight or boost your assets instead.

Here are few basic tips to make you look thinner:

  • choose one color only and black illustrates sexiness;
  • avoid tight - fitting dresses that will highlight the bulges;
  • avoid shapeless clothing as they make you wider;
  • avoid horizontal stripes, use instead vertical, zigzag or diagonal prints to make a leaner and taller illusion;
  • if you are taller, wear long skirts below the knee and if you are shorter, wear above the knee;
  • If you have wider thighs and hips, use boot - cut pants instead to provide symmetrical illusion;
  • Use jewelry and undergarments appropriate.

How to Make Native Handcrafts Fashion Accessories

These are few of the stocks my sister and I personalized and they run short already since a number of people bought them from us. With too busy schedule, we simply stopped working on these crafts.

I only have less than a dozen left of these and I wish to do more but perhaps I can just outsource this.

But, how do we really make these native handcrafts, we simply need all the materials - beads, stones, shells, wires and hooks.

There is no protocol in making the handcrafts or designing them. You can simply be creative and have fun while doing these.

More Casual and Party Shirts and Tops

These are the other tops we have from Eyeshadow, Ester, and Grane. And, we still have other colors for these at 2% off.

These can be quite cool for parties and just on casual days. See more of this in our Facebook link. Cool!

Wanting My Size 0 Back

Three years ago, I could fit to my pants of size 0 and while people did not like me all thin, I loved my old self. But, now that we have relocated, I am back to my size 3 and still growing more. This is really frustrating and I wish I can just continuously do my exercise but with busy schedule, this has remain my wish.

Being sexy and fit has its own perks; it can boost self esteem and reduce cancer and heart risks among others. Thus, keeping a normal weight is not only crucial to building your self esteem, it can also affect tremendously your health.

So, whether losing weights means going through plastic surgery, taking quick weight loss products and exercising.

I still wish that I can go back to my size 0 but reducing one size less will suffice.

Elegant Fancy Blouses on the House

silk batik
cute purple cotton blouse

I got this two blouses on display and the silk batik was already reserved for sale but the other purple dress is still appealing. The large size though will fit to bigger women and the appeal will still be the same.

We posted these blouses in Facebook, so, if you wish to see more, click here in our Facebook link.

Dress on Display

We highlighted this RUE 21 dress last week and if only I have great legs, I could have bought this pair of blouse and skirt. LOL!

If I remember it well, this is between PHP 1500.00-2500.00. So, if you are interested, give us a buzz.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Perks of Boutique Networking

Any business can only survive through marketing strategies as one of the contributing and critical factor. Thus, we tried social networks like Facebook, blogging, print and online advertisements and word - of - mouth marketing. Networking with clients, suppliers, and partners can make sure that your business, boutique or otherwise, gets updated and informed to respond effectively to industry demands and issues.

But, business can thrive well if you and your employees get quality workshops including Forex training workshops to make management and operations run smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

A business can't survive alone on financial resources, it has to consider all facets that can sustain it for a long time with the expected growth in sales and market.

Thus, entrepreneurship is never really easy; a manager-owner, then, must think of ways to make his business grow and stably thrive.

Kreativ Boutique in Facebook

We have been trying different means to promote our new mall boutique. I tried it with Gensan Gazer through adding discount coupons.

And, just recently we created our Kreativ Boutique Facebook account to update our customers and attract more. So, if you are interested too, just look for us in Facebook.

Waiting for New Boutique Stocks

Our store is now officially two months old and we can only be happier that we get repeating old customers and new ones. Best of all, the loyal customers bring their friends or loved ones to be our new potential clients.

So, with new second semester and holidays, we can only expect for more stocks to come. I shall have to get more US bags, shoes, perfumes, accessories and more stylish Korean/Hongkong/Bangkok items.

I just have to contact my suppliers to get the stocks ready this coming week and prompt our clients as soon as they arrive.

Further, I can only wish that sales get better because I shall start paying my rent this coming month. It can indeed bring a lot of pressure but I remain hopeful.

Why You Should be on Your Exercise Shoes

I have been wanting to go back to my jogging habits starting last Thursday but since I have been up and busy until midnight, I can't simply wake up early and be on the running tracks. I can only lament of my bulging tummy and bigger thighs.

Having an over or under weight has its psychological and health drawbacks. To name a few:

  • poor self - esteem
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • infertility
  • heart risks
  • stress
  • less agility
  • cancer risk
  • hypertension

So, basically it will do us good if we do regular exercise on appropriate shoes and gears. But, if this is not fully possible at all, you can complement or replace this medium through slimming tablets and cosmetic surgery.

I can only hope that I can go back to jogging or simply take the afternoon aerobics just to keep my weights down and remain healthy.

How to Protect Your Bags

I have countless bags that I have collected over the years and depending on my choice of outfit, I simply mix and match my outfit with my bag, shoes and accessories.

So, it quite breaks my heart when I see my bags all ruined not of wear but of other reasons like temperature, dust, and others.

With the commercial value of some branded bags, it is only smarter and practical to make sure that these bags' life is extended to more than their average life shelf.

  • Keep your bag from extreme heat. Don't store your bags in a very warm room like in your car during summer, closet or bathroom and alike or directly under the sun. Extreme heat can discolor or even melt your canvas. It can even let color transfer and make your bag all brittle. Air dry your bags whenever you can.
  • Keep your bag from extreme cold. Keep your bags in boxes wrapped in a paper or a towel if not in use.
  • Protect your bags from water. Keep it from rain or snow. Use a little less special if the weather is not good at all.
  • Protect your bags from sharp foreign objects, permanent marks like pens;
  • Protect your bags when you dine, do your make - ups, parlor treatments and alike;
  • Depending on your bag's materials, observe their after care requirements.

Best and Worst Dressed in Emmy 2010

I wont less pass Emmy Award, a television entertainment award's night without seeing the best and worst of known celebrities.

So, I can only agree that Kelly Osbourne got it all wrong.

Kelly Osbourne
photo source: OMG! Yahoo!

And, Claire Danes enthralled everyone with this beautiful gown.

Claire Danes
photo source:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Learn More Through Fashion Resources

In the fashion industry, you can only make your unique mark and to do this is to see how you can distinguish your craft from others.

So, what I do, I check fashion books, magazines, journals, videos that can help me mix and match outfit that can attract our clients. Further, these resources help me identify what are hot picks that my store can also buy and sell.

In anything that we pursue, reading can equip us with sufficient knowledge base to succeed. Good thing though that there are cheap textbooks for anyone's picking. When planning is done on any field, venture or concept that we wish to pursue, it must be grounded on solid facts and justified circumstances. Remember that when we can only assume without solid conviction from recognized experts and personalities, our idea faces tremendous risks of failure.

It is by this principle that I heed the advices of the experts since time and experience give them the authority on their claims. You too can use print or online resources and references to help you make smarter and effective decision.

Outfit Display This Week

For this week, we had dressed our mannequin with white/black pair top from Eyeshadow accentuated with colorful wooden beads necklace, high waist denim skirt from Piama, Nine West sling-hand bag, Rolfs belt, and choices from Nina and Anne Klein footwear.

This is quite cool for casual days. . . .

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hair Styles That Last

short hair of Halle Berry
photo source:

straight hair of Beyonce
photo source: Getty images from Yahoo! Shine

Curly waves of Kate Beckinsale
photo source: Getty images from Yahoo! Shine

Bangs of Katy Perry
photo source: Getty images from Yahoo! Shine

layers of Vanessa Hudgens
photo source: Getty images from Yahoo! Shine

Your fashion taste is not just defined by your choice of clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and alike. You can actually complement it with different hair styles that accentuate your wardrobe, your face, and strengthen your assets. More importantly, you can all be chic and creative as you sport different hair styles to add life.

But, what are those hair styles that can outlast for a long time. Celebrity stylist Tracy Cunningham cited some of the above styles best for Fall, but I still say these are styles that continue to be beautiful for long time.

Regardless of what hair style you boost, make sure that you take proper care and caution as you let your precious strands go through different hair works because improper treatment and care can lead to extreme hair brittleness and loss. But, should you need hair restoration, simply check for cheap hair transplant cost and expect wonders on your hair problems.

Remember, your hair style can project good looks and due hair care is only needed.

Red Carpet Pride Only From Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga at Video Music Awards
photo source:

Lady Gaga never fails to amaze her fans and spectators with her outrageous and high - energy performance with the wackiest fashion style that only this amazing performance can do justice with.

So, her latest stint includes this red - meat inspired fit designed by Franc Fernandez at Video Music Awards 2010. This was complemented with two other outfits: an Alexander McQueen couture fantasy and a Georgio Armani black leather gown.

She won 8 awards but she was remembered more with her wacky fashion.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finding Cheap Shoppings

The boutique business at Gaisano Mall Gensan is barely two months and most of the time, we simply have bleak sales. I can't blame the city locals since economy is quite gloomy. It is only practical that they search for cheap goods, clothes, services including  cheap life insurance   for everyone's pick.

As a newbie entrepreneur, I can only search for ways to promote the store and I have to include stocks for middle class clients.  Having quality and affordable stocks greatly helps too. 

I only wish that the economy can soon pick up and with the Christmas holidays coming, the buying mood of customers is expected to boom.  We can only be hopeful and innovative at this time.

How To Take Care of Your Makeup

Most women simply need make up to start and complete their day, and I am one of them. Yikes! But, the thing is we want to look good and feel good; and looking good means accentuating our looks (and hiding our flaws).

But, how do we actually take care of our makeup treasures and extend their life shelf. Here are few tips I gather and from personal experience:

Keep your make up in well - aired bag, shelf, closet. Don't  store them in the bathroom where the air can be warm, humid or totally extreme making your makeup brittle.

  • Clean them regularly. Brushes are normally the villains but you can clean them with tap water and a mild soap.
  • Replace them when needed. If you see that the makeup is beyond redemption already or its original state is compromised, feel free to let go.
  •  Every makeup stuff requires specialized care and attention. Knowing what specific needs these stuffs require will make their life span last longer. 

Beauty of the Airsoft Gear

my kid's shot during Blackwater Airsoft Tournament on September 11, 2010

My kid is on photography and while he is just 8 years old and simply point and shoot for most of his pictures, he sometimes captures good images. 

And, I got this one picture from the Blackwater Airsort Tournament highlighting the airsoft gear.  The numbers complemented too. Cool!

How to Accentuate through Fashion Accessories

Fashion is said to be subjective; well, it is, indeed,  as artists express their own mood and personality through choice of outfit and accessories.

I typically employ fashion accessories  to accentuate plain clothing or to highlight physical assets (like chest or waistline).  But, fashion accessories  need not to be on persons only, you can use accessories on your gadgets like laptops, cellphones, iPods, players, TV's on elegant  tv stands  and a lot more.

Stylists say that care and caution is still taken when we employ accessories because an overdo can quite overwhelm the object or persons whom you wish to accentuate.  Well, this is only plain common sense because we would rather be the center of attention than our accessories, right?

Fun with ASAP Sessionistas' Music, Fashion and Bits

Last September 10, I joined the city locals and visitors as we witnessed and enjoyed the music variands of old and new songs from internationally recognized artists ASAP SESSIONISTAS where former MYMP's Juris, Asia Acoustic Sensantion Aiza Seguerra, crooner Richard Poon,  Soul - Siren Nina, R&B artist Duncan Ramos and Filipino Boosa queen Sitti made the crowd cheered for more. 

The crowd gave their applause thermometer as each artist rendered a song or two and I was among who cheered  more for Aiza, Juris, and Richard Poon

And, the wacky  play of the group made all the night more colorful, and some of my fave songs made the night extra more beautiful.


Well, of course, I won't miss assessing how the artists would be in their glitz  and glamor as they sport their party fits. 

The ladies on one of their themed session ( I dont like the design for Juris though)

In the opening music of ASAP Sessionistas
all pictures from Orman Manansala

Glad that I did not miss this spectacular concert!