Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dresses to Look Thinner

Most people desire to have a ramp model - type body to boost self esteem and to keep weight - related problems at bay. But, how do we lose weight and make this sustainable? We can try plastic surgery, weight loss medications and exercise.

So, perhaps, while you are working on your weight loss programs, you can try clothes and dresses that can feign your oversize weight or boost your assets instead.

Here are few basic tips to make you look thinner:

  • choose one color only and black illustrates sexiness;
  • avoid tight - fitting dresses that will highlight the bulges;
  • avoid shapeless clothing as they make you wider;
  • avoid horizontal stripes, use instead vertical, zigzag or diagonal prints to make a leaner and taller illusion;
  • if you are taller, wear long skirts below the knee and if you are shorter, wear above the knee;
  • If you have wider thighs and hips, use boot - cut pants instead to provide symmetrical illusion;
  • Use jewelry and undergarments appropriate.