Thursday, September 2, 2010

Home Remedies for your Gold and Silver Accessories

Your jewelry, may it be gold or silver, will eventually tarnish but don't fret because commercial and home remedies can be used to bring back the brightness and state of these precious keeps.

But, why do these types of accessories tarnish? Most basic reason is the fact that  age, pollution and body reaction to these accessories cause these accessories to get those black or brown stains. 

You can actually purchase commercial cleaners but you can try these proven tips to make wonders on your glitters:

  • soak your jewelry in a lukewarm water with a little shampoo, dip them for few minutes and brush off using a fine toothbrush;
  • using a small amount of rubbing compound usually used among cars for cleaning, you brush powder on your accessories;

Other tips include the following:

  • soak in a water with a sodium bicarbonate (used in cakes), then brush;
  • soak in vinegar  or lemonade for few minutes, then, dry off.
  • brush using a teeth - whitening toothpaste.

Care must be taken when there are gems on your accessories.