Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to be a Fashion Artist

Fashion is creativity and while there are trends that one can follow, anyone can make  his own style and fashion statement, may it be outrageous or not.  And surprisingly, different nations do have their own fashion statement; indeed, fashion is influenced by culture and generation.

I was not born as a  fashion artist, but, with an inclination to draw styles and arts from apparel to accessories, I wish I can have the right training to craft my own designs. So, I personally favor a Filipina designer, Monique Lhuillier who from her formal education in Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), where she met her Tom Bugbee, her husband, rose to becoming a renowned designer from making her own bridal entourage.

Truly, there is no easy substitute to schooling, may it be a physical or an  Online School   since mentors are there to guide you in your training.

With technology, it is only quite relieving to know that students now can choose between attending to traditional instruction or modern instruction. The whole point is, we can all learn and realize our passion for anything, fashion or otherwise.