Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Protect Your Bags

I have countless bags that I have collected over the years and depending on my choice of outfit, I simply mix and match my outfit with my bag, shoes and accessories.

So, it quite breaks my heart when I see my bags all ruined not of wear but of other reasons like temperature, dust, and others.

With the commercial value of some branded bags, it is only smarter and practical to make sure that these bags' life is extended to more than their average life shelf.

  • Keep your bag from extreme heat. Don't store your bags in a very warm room like in your car during summer, closet or bathroom and alike or directly under the sun. Extreme heat can discolor or even melt your canvas. It can even let color transfer and make your bag all brittle. Air dry your bags whenever you can.
  • Keep your bag from extreme cold. Keep your bags in boxes wrapped in a paper or a towel if not in use.
  • Protect your bags from water. Keep it from rain or snow. Use a little less special if the weather is not good at all.
  • Protect your bags from sharp foreign objects, permanent marks like pens;
  • Protect your bags when you dine, do your make - ups, parlor treatments and alike;
  • Depending on your bag's materials, observe their after care requirements.