Saturday, September 11, 2010

How To Take Care of Your Makeup

Most women simply need make up to start and complete their day, and I am one of them. Yikes! But, the thing is we want to look good and feel good; and looking good means accentuating our looks (and hiding our flaws).

But, how do we actually take care of our makeup treasures and extend their life shelf. Here are few tips I gather and from personal experience:

Keep your make up in well - aired bag, shelf, closet. Don't  store them in the bathroom where the air can be warm, humid or totally extreme making your makeup brittle.

  • Clean them regularly. Brushes are normally the villains but you can clean them with tap water and a mild soap.
  • Replace them when needed. If you see that the makeup is beyond redemption already or its original state is compromised, feel free to let go.
  •  Every makeup stuff requires specialized care and attention. Knowing what specific needs these stuffs require will make their life span last longer.