Thursday, September 9, 2010

Investing on Clothes, Jewelry and More

Life is no guarantee and with this fact comes uncertainties of great amount, thus, it is only smarter if we invest on the right things to protect us and / or loved ones when bad times come. 

It can be quite tempting to just buy cheap commodities but if quality is at stake, it will do us better if we consider quality, convenience and price at the same time. 

I rarely buy clothes,  jewelry or shoes but whenever I can, I make sure that my money is well invested on stuffs that can last longer than necessary. 

So, with uncertain life, we can invest on health insurance and on material stuffs. But, if you want to really get worth from your money, you can  compare term life insurance   and pick out the best package.

I wish to hand down properties to my kid and if investments are really lasting and enduring, my kid and his future family can enjoy these investments too. I guess the right term is passing down legacy and treasures.