Thursday, September 30, 2010

Managing the Boutique and More

After two months of staying with our store attendant to save on operating costs, I decided to take the backseat and just concentrate on macro managing of our boutique. I guess the idea is to cut on cost, train employee and establish goodwill with old and new customers.

Come October 4, I shall be getting an additional store attendant, so, I can have more time attending to making the boutique's website and be active in spreading online presence of the boutique.

With all the stress I am getting from business and schools, it is only typical that I get health problems including acne that I wish I can just use safe and effective treatment for faster results.

I may be having additional operating cost but if it may mean that I can increase more the sales because of internet shopping, then, all my efforts wont go to waste. As an entrepreneur, I can only take the risks and trust on others and my will.