Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tips in Storing Your Perfume

We sell our authentic Victoria Secret's  collection and part of our business strategy is to have refilling for smaller bottles. But, having to keep the bottles for free opening makes the perfume more volatile. 

So, how do we exactly keep our perfumes fresh and all secured. Here are few basic tips in storing your perfume:

1. tightly close the bottle lid to make the perfume less volatile;

2. keep the perfumes in a well - aired place. A too humid area can actually make your perfume evaporate more; For some, they keep their perfume in a refrigerator just to prolong its shelf life. But, keeping it in a drawer or in a box will do fine.

3. keep your perfume away from direct sun light;

4. move your perfume from a bigger container to smaller container for less oxidation;

5. keeping your perfume in a tinted bottle than in a  clear bottle can protect your perfume more.